ComAudit Case Study #5: Entertainment Industry Audit

Global entertainment agency looks for telecom contract savings along with consolidation and other cost reduction opportunities.

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Executive Summary

This client is an established Agency with Global name recognition. When they met our Audit team, they were in the middle of analyzing their contracts and felt there may be additional cost reduction opportunities. Our team was tasked with analyzing the contracts and identifying additional savings items. We also built a detailed inventory of the existing telecom environment which allowed us to identify even further cost reductions and better streamline the services.

Key Challenges

  1. International Contract Issues – Although the existing contract aggressively addressed a majority of the services, International pricing was far from what we had benchmarked for a client with this large an AT&T spend. A new custom contract addendum was created specifically addressing this area. This equated to an approximate cost reduction exceeding $30,000 monthly or $360,000.00 annually. We also were able to have the carrier provide $110,000.00 in credits to offset the prior excess charges.
  2. Voice Network Optimization – Through in-depth analysis of the voice and data network, significant over-trunking was identified. Through elimination of several voice circuits no longer required, we were able to generate cost savings of $5,609.31 monthly or $67,311.72 annually.
  3. Obsolete Services – Through in-depth inventory and CSR review, we identified and disconnected older technology services that were idle and no longer in use. This created a cost reduction of $2,242.72 monthly or $26,912.64 annually.
  4. Inactive Voice and Data Lines – Through intensive manual review and the use of our customized Telecom Auditing database, we were able to isolate +- 100 phone lines that appeared to have no usage and rang no answer when called. In addition there were services belonging to a key location that had moved and the carrier records were incorrect. Confirming need and eliminating services not required created a cost reduction of $7,252.08 monthly or $87,024.96 annually.


As a result of the engagement, our client was able to experience a cost reduction of approximately $45,104.11 monthly with an annualized savings of over $541,249.32. In addition, the client now has a validated, optimized inventory of services and a framework to better manage for the future. We were effectively able to turn a telecom challenge into a financial resource!

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