ComAudit Case Study #3: Office Move

Successful seamless office move of all IT/Phone services.

Executive Summary

The client was moving their accounting department to a new facility. The new office was in a location that had an existing phone system they were hoping to utilize. Their IT Department was buried with a project and they didn’t have the resources to allocate to the move.

Key Challenges

  • Basic Client Needs – We factored in company metrics, such as numbers of employees and their respective voice and data requirements to assess the scope of the project.
  • Existing Facilities and Phone Systems – We evaluated and determined what existing equipment and infrastructure could be re-used within the company.
  • Client’s Move Schedule – We served as the client’s liaison to coordinate with carriers and vendors to ensure a smooth office service transition.
  • Carrier Orders – Placed and followed up on orders with carriers and vendors to ensure timely installation.
  • Call Forwarding Structure – Determined the best call forwarding structure, implemented all necessary changes in a timely fashion and notified all affected employees of new numbers.
  • Order Completion and Troubleshooting – We verified all changes had been implemented properly and provided technical assistance on issues throughout the move.
  • Post-Move Service Disconnects – Following the move, we ensured that all prior location services were properly disconnected and was reflected on carrier invoicing.


Once we had defined all of our clients’ needs, the process of planning the move and placing orders was relatively simple. Unfortunately as often happens, the client needed to change the move date on two separate occasions. Each time required multiple calls and follow up with all affected parties. The good news for our client was that ComAudit did all of the work and the impact to their staff was negligible. On move day a few employees missed out on the voicemail training for their new system. This resulted in some panicky phone calls associated with the change. Other than that it was a fairly painless transition.

office move