ComAudit Case Study #6: Billing and Contract Review

Medical office chain looking for billing and contract review without carrier changes.

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Executive Summary 

This Fortune 500 national medical corporation was looking to reduce their telecom spend without making carrier changes that could disrupt vital operations. 

Key Challenges 

  • Contract Compliance – ComAudit discovered several accounts that were not billing according to their contract rate for Business Lines, PRIs, and usage charges. After getting these accounts placed under the appropriate contracts, the client realized a monthly savings of over $26,000 or $312,000 annually.
  • Benchmarking and Pricing Review – The client was skeptical we would be able to help them in this area, since they had recently renegotiated a contract with AT&T and were assured they were getting the best rates available. Our audit revealed a very common calling region, known as Intrastate, had been overlooked and left off their Toll-Free calling rate table, resulting in rates 15 times industry averages for like regions. Additionally, certain service types were not included on the contract, so they were not receiving the reduced rates. After initial pushback from the AT&T sales team (due to the recency of contract signing and implementation), our highlighting of these important oversights eventually brought the client a savings of approximately $16,000 monthly or $168,000 annually. 
  • Inventory Optimization – Our auditing efforts identified a significant number of lines, services, and features that hadn’t been used in years, yet were overlooked and were continuing to bill. After approvals, these unnecessary services were cancelled by our team and the client received an additional $9,800 in monthly savings or $117,600 annual savings. 
  • Service Consolidation – Following a thorough review, we identified opportunities for optimization and carrier consolidation that could generate savings in the process. One example was a competitive rate for outbound calling on their business lines with Verizon, yet many of their lines were billing to another carrier for a much higher rate. By having Verizon take over this calling type for all like services, usage costs were reduced by over $6,600 per month or $79,200 per year.


After taking action on all approved items, the client had saved over $700K per year in their telecom expenses. This savings was realized and validated with very little effort or time on their part, as we were able to work almost entirely behind the scenes to streamline their infrastructure and drive down costs. 

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