ComAudit Case Study #4: Mobility Audit

Leading Industrial Real Estate company looks for savings in mobility audit and account optimization.

Executive Summary

This client is a leading owner, operator and developer of industrial real estate, focused on global and regional markets across the Americas, Europe and Asia. When they met our Audit team, they were concerned about their mobility accounts, increasing costs and confusing plan structure. Our team was tasked with reviewing and renegotiating their current mobility contracts and identifying opportunities to reduce costs and streamline mobility services.

Key Challenges

  1. Contractual Issues – The areas of greatest concern was the mobility contract and those services billing through the contract. Although, at the time the contract was created the specifications were good, the wireless industry changes rapidly and services that were good a few months ago may be obsolete today. Contract analysis identified opportunities to address service plans on the account and reduce costs.
  2. Optimization of Device Plans –Through automated, as well as, intensive manual review we were able to develop aggressive device plan structures that took in to account the specific requirements of the users. We also pooled data across all devices. The net result was an average monthly savings of approximately 31%.
  3. Inactive Voice and Data Devices –Through our in-depth analysis we were able to identify several devices with no usage over several months. By confirming their need and eliminating the devices not required, we created a cost reduction exceeding $1,000.00 monthly or $12,000.00 annually.
  4. International Plan Negotiations – Although international travel was intermittent, it was still a priority to address. After working with the current mobility carrier, we were able to negotiate a very aggressive international plan which ended up saving our client an average of $3,100.00 monthly or $37,200.00 annually.


As a result of the engagement, our client was able to experience a cost reduction of approximately $30,772 a month. This was in addition to creating and implementing new procedures, providing much greater simplicity and control over invoicing and order management. We were effectively able to turn a mobility challenge into a financial resource!

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