ComAudit Case Study #2: Food Chain Telecom Audit

Food Chain realizes significant telecom bill consolidation as well as cost reductions

Executive Summary

With several hundred locations and multiple carriers to work with, this national chain was having a difficult time tracking and verifying invoices on a monthly basis. In addition, corporate was getting ready to go through some significant Telecom restructuring and there was a need to confirm exactly what was being used. Our team was tasked with the job of reviewing all invoicing and verifying voice services at corporate and remote locations.

Key Challenges

  • Improper LD PIC – Hundreds of lines were not properly pic’d to the Long Distance Carrier. These lines were pic’d to other providers or to the corporate provider without proper identification on the corporate account. We initiated cleanup with the carriers and monitored future invoicing using our systems to ensure accuracy. Procedures were put into place to eliminate a recurrence of this issue.
  • Cramming on the local carrier invoicing – Cramming is the unauthorized billing of services not requested or utilized. All charges were removed and credits were issued for the erroneous billing.
  • Inactive Services – 16 locations were billing for services that were no longer being used due to moves and closures. Service cancellation orders were issued and followed through on the disconnection of these services.
  • Toll Free pricing error – The toll free accounts had not been placed on the proper pricing plan per the contract. We initiated a re-rate resulting in a credit for 100% of overcharges and confirmed accurate pricing on future invoices.
  • Excess invoicing – Several locations including corporate were receiving multiple paper invoices for like services. Our team worked closely with the respective voice and Data carriers to consolidate billing and where possible migrate to on-line billing platforms.

Additional Opportunities

While the implementation phase of the project was being completed, additional concerns were identified surrounding the carrier contracts that were in place.

Assisted Contract Negotiations

  • To formulate Multiple Benchmarking and Bus. Downturn clauses along with Quality of Service and Service Level Commitments.
  • Helped set pricing in key states & reduce the term commitment levels providing more advantageous future negotiating opportunities.
  • Helped negotiate a significant credit/signing bonus based on identified service & billing issues noted above.


As a result of the engagement our client was able to experience a monthly cost reduction of approximately 14%. New procedures were implemented providing much greater simplicity and control over invoicing and order management. The soft dollar savings associated with these greater efficiencies is difficult to quantify yet extremely significant. They have been able to free up funds to invest in other Telecom opportunities and we have truly turned their communications challenge into a financial resource!

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