Over the years ComAudit found mistakes and overcharges that resulted in tangible reductions and refunds averaging in the 10-20% range of annual telecom and wireless spend without the need to change providers.



  • Recognizing and correcting past billing errors
  • Providing you a physical inventory to optimize services and eliminate waste
  • Identifying opportunities that result in future cost savings
  • Implementing changes on your behalf and following through to fruition
  • Training your staff to catch things on a go forward basis

We collected a “Top 10 Red Flags” list from a few of our recent telecom audits and wanted to share these in case you may have noticed some of the same things.


Top 10 Red Flags

  1. Unanticipated Spikes – both data and phone usage
  2. International Wireless Plans – applied as a standard while 80% of users do not travel
  3. Invoice Mismatch – contract items not matching proposal
  4. Usage Fluctuations – plan no longer fits original estimates
  5. Temporary Services – not disconnected after office move
  6. Double Billing – same product code entered twice in provisioning system
  7. Disconnect Requests – provider confirmed but forgot to hit “send” to process
  8. Plan Creep – discount code rolled off after initial promo term ended
  9. Auto Renewal – auto renew clauses seldom benefit the client
  10. Outliers – not all services were captured in addendums