Project Description

As a non-profit, every dollar is critical. ComAudit’s help with moving key services into the cloud literally cut our telecom costs in half.
John A., CASA
Every year we rely on ComAudit to review our nationwide telecom infrastructure. Our confidence in their ability and the services they have provided has proven to be invaluable to our organization.
Steve M., MIS Operations, Yokohama Tire Corporation
ComAudit Services did a great job of making sense of the chaos!
Ray G., Senior Manager, Global IT Infrastructure, Newport Corporation
The incredible staff at ComAudit made things easy! Identifying waste and optimizing our services created a new source of revenue. I encourage any company with a large telecom spend to take advantage of their service!
Karen G., Controller, Hazel Hawkins Hospital
ComAudit brings years of expertise to the table that we need when reviewing our telecommunications structure and invoices. You can’t build that expertise in house. You need a company like ComAudit that does it day in and day out for years in order to be sure you have the services set at their most optimum level.
Kevin B., CTO, American River Bank

We are excited to partner with Greater Good Consulting, a business consulting group for nonprofits. The mission of Greater Good Consulting is helping nonprofits to implement best practices with respect to technology optimization and adoption, in order to become more resilient and sustainable. Through this partnership, ComAudit Services is able to  leverage extensive knowledge of the Telcom industry and cost saving techniques, to enhance the mission of Greater Good Consulting.

We can evaluate whether your organization is currently taking advantage of all eligible discounts on voice and data services

Our contingency-based Telecom Audit service improves clients’ profitability by identifying waste and optimizing current office and mobile voice and data services. Our risk free services will help you to:

  • Recover past errors
  • Optimize services
  • Identify opportunities that result in future cost savings
  • Implement changes acting as your agent on your behalf and oversee the entire process

Is the Cloud right for your nonprofit business? Which systems in your nonprofit business belong in the Cloud and which do not? Let us help you uncover opportunities to:

  • Reduce capital expenditures
  • Eliminate local maintenance responsibilities & costs
  • Streamline operations & licensing